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Crystal Acupuncture

This involves using acupuncture points which are very powerful and the most significant points to use.

Crystal acupuncture is all about moving energy.

Energy moves in a continuous wheel, energy from one element can build up and can’t move to the next one so we need energy to move all the time. When it’s stuck that’s when disease happens.

If one meridian is out of balance in the body they will all be affected.

If there is any major trauma in someone’s life there will be a great need to clear the central and governing meridian using intention at the same time.

The stomach and large intestine channels have more chi and more blood, these are balanced in terms of Ying and Yang both upper and lower extremities. These are very powerful and regulate overall functioning of the body.

Five Elements Crystal Acupuncture

Crystals have always been used in healing, they have a special ability to focus and channel energy vibrations and are ideal for shifting energy in the meridians on the human body.

Acupuncture is practiced by using chosen points along the energy channels called meridians. The points used are special centres of energy that will result in balancing or unblocking the whole body energy system.

People with a needle phobia and those very sensitive to energy, severe skin problems and anyone who likes the idea of crystals will benefit from crystal acupuncture. Using crystals instead of needles results in the same effective healing.

The acupuncture method works closely with nature and the natural cycle of life. Classical five element acupuncture dates back to around 200BC.

The five elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood represents a central aspect of an ancient esoteric tradition.

Each element represents a distinct quality of the chi energy is it circles through nature and the seasons and also through our lives.

When the elements move out of balance we feel a reduced sense of wellbeing and may develop symptoms of various sorts. These can show up not just in the body but also in our mind, our emotions and in our spirit.

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