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About Me

Welcome to Bee Serene, my name is Kathy Dowse and I have been interested in holistic therapy for over 15 years. I offer a mobile service and do treatments in the comfort of your own.

What started things off for me was a night class in Aromatherapy, which I enjoyed so much I decided to pursue a career in this field.

I have trained mostly at night school, apart from Reflexology and Reiki which I have studied privately. I am currently training to become a Reiki teacher.

I am very interested in the eastern philosophy and their way of healing and I am studying Buddhism at the moment.

I enjoy meditation, tai chi, yoga, spiritualism, mediumship, psychometry and the tarot.

My passion is to help others, and my work comes directly from the heart with help from universal love.

My aim . . .

My aim is to maintain balance and health within our lives to help strengthen and tone the entire body system, to help get to the root of a problem, rather than just treating the physical being.

I incorporate the following elements into a session:

Past Experience . . .

I worked in palliative care in Holme Tower Nursing Home, Penarth in the Day Centre and also on the wards. I am trained in lymphatic drainage to help cancer patients and also in stress-relief reflexology to help carers, as well as patients.

I worked with Barnardos also dealing with post-natal depression and general relaxation.

I work in various Mind, Body, Spirit events at different venues around South Wales.

Diploma Level 3 Hot Stone Therapy (2011)
Reiki Master Practitioner
Diploma Level 3 Swedish Massage
Diploma Level 3 Indian Head Massage
Diploma 2 year Crystal Therapy
Diploma Level 3 Reflexology
Diploma Level 3 Aromatherapy
Diploma A.O.R. Reflexology
Diploma in Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)
Diploma in Crystal Acupuncture
Thermal Auricular Therapy Certificate The Guild
Certificate in Precision Reflexology
Certificate in Reflexology and Stress
Certificate in Reflexology in Palliative Care
Certificate in The Assisted Conception Programme Reproflexology (Fertility Reflexology) (2019) Trained by Barbara Scott MBRA.

Member of ARR The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists

NFSH Certificate - Healing into Death and Dying (2011)
Finger Free Reflexology, Jubilee College
Hot Stone Reflexology
Emmett Practitioner (trained by Judith Johnson)
Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills

I am also a Member of the Association of Reflexologists.

My Qualifications:

I help with other charities, including The British Heart Foundation and George Thomas Hospice.

About Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing is a natural energy therapy, it treats the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

Healers act as a channeler for healing, energy often described as ‘love and light', which relaxes the body, releases tension and stimulates self-healing. The effects of this can be profound, healing energy is all around us, it is part of nature, healers tap into this energy and are then able to pass it on.

Intuitive healers can release old patterns, and life issues can be resolved and seen from a new perspective.

There are many different types of intuitive healing, such as Reiki, Theta Healing and Spiritual Response Therapy.