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Colour Healing

The seven colours of the chakras resemble the seven colours of the rainbow, and each colour resonates with the seven major chakras situated at the front of the body.

To bring these chakras into balance, colours can be placed over the area for healing to occur. Each colour has a different frequency and normally the colour which the client is attracted to will be the one needed for them for healing purposes.

It is also possible to dowse using a pendulum to see which colour is needed in a treatment to bring balance into the chakra.

Aura soma quintessence or pomanders can also be used for colour healing purposes.

They can be laid on the body or a tiny amount can be rubbed into the hand and placed through a person’s aura, they can also be used by holding in one hand and placing a pendulum over the bottle with the intention of the vibration or energy entering the person’s chakra.

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