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Aromatherapy massage causes the essential oils to be absorbed quicker and makes them more aromatic.

It is a soothing, and natural way to achieve a sense of personal well-being.


Aromatherapy essential oils are used to enhance emotional muscle relaxation during massage. Most oils are highly scented and reportedly stimulate both the emotional centres and the memory centres of the brain, and the result is enhanced mood and emotional relaxation.

Physical Effects

When the essential oils are massaged into the skin they are absorbed into the bloodstream and affect various enzymes and hormone levels, such as cortisol which is a stress hormone and has been shown to decrease in the bloodstream after aromatherapy and massage.

Essential oils can promote physical healing by treating inflammation, swelling and fungal infections.

The essential oils that give the smell of a bouquet of jasmine, roses, geranium and lavender, for instance, all contain chemicals that relax the nervous system and instantly improve spirits.

When using pure essential oils the beneficial properties are more concentrated and have a greater effect on both mind and body, resulting in a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Aromatherapy is a modern name for the ancient knowledge of healing and improving health using fragrant, natural ingredients.

These ingredients, called essential oils, are found in herbs , plants, flowers, fruits and the bark, roots or resin of some trees.

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