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Spiritual Healing

During the session you will be asked to relax and quieten your mind, you can close your eyes to assist this process. You may feel a little warmer, cooler or no change, just relax and enjoy the session.

Your doctor has the right to refer you to spiritual healing if he feels you would benefit. The doctor will always remain in control of your medical care.

There are 3 methods of healing available:

Contact Healing

Where the healer places their hands with your permission directly onto you body, whilst ensuring there is no cause for embarrassment.

Distant Healing

This is similar to absent healing in the fact that healing is sent by the power of thought. However with this healing thought is sent to someone who is physically present but is not receiving contact healing.

Absent Healing

Where the patient is not physically present, but healing thoughts are sent to them.

Spiritual healing is complementary to orthodox medicine, it should not be considered as an alternative, they work together to assist in your recovery.

Nothing is expected from the patient except an openness to what may happen, and a degree of trust in the spiritualist healing. It will also help to have an acceptance for the need to change and the will to do so will also help the patient.

It is the patients positive attitude in wanting to feel well again that works with both medical treatment and spiritual healing.

I as the healer with your permission will place my hands on you and this is known as ‘contact healing’. I work to a code of conduct issued by the organisation which is compulsory.

Healing does not finish when you leave the chair it is a continuous process.

Keeping an open mind and a positive attitude towards the outcome is beneficial and to relax for a few minutes before and after the treatment.

There are no miracles in healing or anything else, just manifestation of natural law, as yet unknown to us. Every single facet of life including the art of healing is subject to the immutable law of nature.

Although there are many spontaneous recoveries, healing is usually a progressive process. The Physical body cannot live forever but the healing energies can bring about relief either physically or mentally or both. There may not have been a physical cure but there may have begun a change in mental well being and the patient may be able to deal better with the pain and discomfort that they live with.

Distant healing available  -   Payment via PayPal   45 minutes £30