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What should I expect from a Reflexology treatment?

The Reflexologist will use pressure, stretch and movement to work through the foot.

You should feel very relaxed after a session and may fall asleep.

Expect the Therapist's touch to be within your comfort zone - not too heavy and not too light - it is a personal preference, therefore communication is important between client and Therapist.

Clients may need a few treatments if there are deep seated issues to treat, which will only come to the surface when the client is ready to let go of the issues.

Some people may shed tears, experience jerking movements, have a need to urinate or feel tingling sensations, which are all normal while toxins are being released.

How many treatments do I need?

Some people respond very quickly and others may take longer if the condition is deep rooted.

If the treatment is just for relaxation or stress relief then an initial treatment alone will be fine.

If the treatment is to help something in particular, then a course of 6 treatments is advisable, the body will normally decide how it heals itself. In this instance, the treatments will be spread over a period of time to give the body time to heal and adjust before the next treatment.

Are there any side-effects from treatments?

Reflexology is generally a safe therapeutic method, however some people can develop cold or flu-like symptoms due to the eliminating harmful toxins.

Clients may experience a runny nose from sinus congestion or a cough, another side-effect is yawning as some people may fall asleep during a treatment.

Some people may experience a headache and fatigue when beginning a new treatment therapy.

Laughing or crying is common as an emotional reaction, and an intense state of relaxation can cause a lightheaded feeling, a need to urinate more often and more frequent bowel movements can occur.

Does Reflexology hurt?

Sometimes there will be areas on the feet that will be very tender, and this is the area that needs to be worked on.

These reflex areas correspond to parts of the body - the aim is to relax these reflexes and get the body back to homeostasis.

The Therapist must check with client that the pressure is OK for them, as some clients will have sensitive feet, especially with the elderly where the skin tends to be thinner, therefore care should be taken with each individual.

If the client is unable to stand treatment on the feet, the Therapist can work the same treatment on the hands.

Will Indian Head Massage give me a headache?

Indian Head Massage is a gentle treatment which involves a back, neck, shoulder, scalp and face massage.

The Therapist will work with the client’s needs and also check to make sure that the pressure applied is comfortable for the client.

This treatment is meant to be relaxing and flowing - the Therapist will pick up from the client if the pressure is not suitable.

Due to the release of toxins within the body, the tissues respond to the deep work undertaken by the Therapist, therefore it is important that the correct after care is given to avoid discomfort.

Drinking plenty of water will help flush the toxins out of the body quicker which will alleviate any headaches and help with the healing process.

What type of crystals are used for a Crystal Healing treatment?

All crystals have a different vibration. During a treatment the Therapist will either use a pendulum to dowse for the appropriate crystal, pick a crystal intuitively or chose a crystal by its colour.

Depending on which chakra is out of balance, the base chakras resonate to the darker, earthly colours.

The upper chakras, such as the heart and solar plexus, are lighter in colour.

It can also depend if the issue is a deep-seated problem and can be quite emotional - the use of a more delicate vibration might be needed.

Each client is unique, therefore the use of gentle crystals and high energy crystals will be very much down to the individual’s needs at that particular time.

What is the purpose of ear candling?

Ear Candling is a pleasant non-invasive treatment, to relieve conditions in the head and ears.

It has a beneficial effect on the subtle energy and can be used for relieving stress.

It is also used for head colds, headaches and sinus problems and is very relaxing as a treatment on its own.

Can cold stones be used during a Hot Stone Therapy treatment?

The use of cold stones (Cryotherapy) will absorb the heat of the hot stones to achieve balance.

They are used for the following reasons:

They can also be used for waxing and electrolysis.

What after care advice would you give?

Aching and soreness within the muscles is due to the release of toxins within the body, this is a natural response due to the deep work undertaken by the Therapist.

Tiredness is due to the relaxation process because of the release of toxins.

The mind and emotions will become cleansed after treatments, allowing you to think and focus more clearly.

You may feel the need to urinate more frequently and you may feel slightly unwell the next day as the body gets rid of any impurities present.

In order to get maximum benefit, ideally you should use the time immediately after your treatment to rest or behave in a relaxed way.

The following steps will aid the healing process and will benefit the effects of your treatment enormously:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries about any of the treatments on offer.

Frequently Asked Questions