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Crystal Healing

Crystals are made up of vibrations, some stronger and higher than others . . .

Crystal Healing involves using a vibrational energy (crystals) to release energy blocks and stimulate the flow of energy.

By introducing a particular vibration it is possible to bring about a change in the vibration and energy flow in the body and subtle energy systems.

Disease and problems result when the subtle bodies are mis-aligned. When these pathways are blocked, our thoughts and behaviour can become very confused.

The etheric body is the closest to our physical body. Accident or injury can cause a break in this field which will lead to back problems and pain.

By working on the etheric field around the spine to mend any possible breaks, it is possible to create emotional stability and develop a strong sense of our own reality.

Crystal healing is used to balance energy flow in each chakra and throughout the entire system.

Healing crystals can be worn as jewellery or placed on the chakras of the body to help balance and remove blockages of negative energy.

The appropriate crystal can either be placed according to the colour or by dowsing using a pendulum for the most appropriate crystal at the time needed to heal the chakra.

When choosing a crystal, normally the crystal will choose you, the vibration you need at this time in your life will be the crystal that you will be attracted to, maybe by colour and by intuition.

After buying a crystal, it will have to be cleansed and programmed to do whatever you desire to use it for or just keep it in your room or on your bedside cabinet. You can even place it under your pillow to help enhance dreams and astral travel or to help connect with spirit guides and for use in meditation.

Price: £40.00